Zifo Open Quiz

Landmark Quiz was an annual spectacle and used to be an intricate part of Chennai's cultural tapestry, capturing the city's intellectual spirit for 30 years. Each Independence Day, the city would hold its breath in anticipation as quizzers and young enthusiasts flocked to the event, making it a symbol of pride for Chennai.

Landmark, QFI and Dr. Navin Jayakumar – came together in 1988, nurturing the seedling that would grow into the legendary Landmark Quiz. When the Landmark Quiz came to a halt in 2021, it left a big void among the fans of the event.

Zifo, a global scientific informatics company with deep roots in Chennai, wanted to rekindle the city's thirst for knowledge and competition. Teaming up with Dr. Navin Jayakumar and QFI, this year the Landmark Quiz rises again, bigger and better, as the Zifo Open Quiz.

Event Day
Aug 15th 2024

1 Reporting Date and Time : 15th August , 1:15 PM

2 Prelims : 2 PM

3 Semifinals : 4 PM

4 Finals : 5 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Participants are requested to arrive at the venue by 1:30 pm, to get confirmed seats


Win exciting prizes

Zifo Open Quiz  Champion

Zifo Open Quiz Champion

Zifo Open Quiz  1st Runner Up

Zifo Open Quiz 1st Runner Up

Zifo Open Quiz  2nd Runner Up

Zifo Open Quiz 2nd Runner Up

Consolation prizes for the other finalists

There are also other special prizes to be won

  • Best Team Name
  • Best School Team and Runner up
  • Best College Team and Runner up
  • Best Corporate Team
  • Best Senior Citizens Team
  • Best Family Team

upto ₹ 5 LAKHS

worth prizes to be won in total

The Quiz Master


Ophthalmologist & Quizmaster

“ The joy of quizzing is in arriving at an answer ”

When he's not keeping an eagle-eye on optic health as the co-founder and Honorary Director of Darshan Eye Care in Chennai or presiding over the Indian Neuro-ophthalmology Society (INOS), Dr. Navin Jayakumar is sparking lightbulb moments as a celebrated quizmaster. Since 1988, his name has been synonymous with the much-anticipated cerebral showdown, the Landmark Quiz in Chennai.

Dr. Navin has also thrown intellectual curveballs at quiz enthusiasts during events like the Murugappa Madras Quotient School Quiz from 2011-2020, The Good Quiz since 2021, and the Rotary Galaxy Science and Technology Quiz from 2017-2020.

2022 saw him wear the hat of researcher and quizmaster for the grand event - Class Act 2022, The Hindustan Times Republic Day Quiz. This event zoomed into the record books, winning spots in the Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for the highest participation in an online school quiz.

With a knack for making neurons dance in rhythm to his questions, Dr. Navin continues to spread the joy of knowledge and curiosity, leaving an indelible mark on Chennai's quizzing landscape and beyond.


Is parking available at the venue?

Yes, the parking is made available at St. Ebbas school for the event. Kindly note there is no parking inside Music Academy.

What kind of questions will the quiz have?

This is a General Knowledge quiz on all possible topics. Broad categories include History, Geography, Science, Sports, Literature, Entertainment, Arts, Culture, and Lifestyle.

Once registered, can I change the team’s name?

No, please check the details carefully before registration.

Are there any registration fees?

No, entry is free for all.

After registration, what if I need to cancel for some reason?

Please email to Hello@ZifoOpenQuiz.com.

Can a person be part of two teams?

No, Duplicate registration is not allowed.

Will there be any prizes for Audience during the finals?

Yes, there is something planned for the audience through the finals and there are exciting prizes in store for the audience as well.

What if one of the team members becomes unavailable after registration?

Please email Hello@ZifoOpenQuiz.com

Can people from different schools or colleges or corporates join to form a team?

Yes, they sure can. But they will be categorized under the Open section and not under School, College, or corporate category.

Can there be more than 3 people in a team? What if we want to plan for a backup?

We want to have 3-member teams and hence no back-up is allowed. However, if for any unavoidable reasons one of the registered team members is not able to make it to the event, please send in your requests to Hello@ZifoOpenQuiz.com and your request will be considered.

In what language will this quiz be?

Zifo Open Quiz 2023 will be conducted in English

I am not sure about taking part but would like to watch the quiz. Is there any entrance ticket?

While we encourage all to take part for the enjoyable experience, those who would like to just be an audience member can come to the venue at 4.00 pm. Entry and seating is free.